Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peoria has officially entered backwater status

This person who posted in the pjstar hit the nail on the head:

Busy Bee
1 day ago

If the state of architecture in a community is a benchmark of the condition of its culture, then Peoria has officially entered backwater status. EM Properties should be ashamed to present this to a downtown that needs all the help it can get help that is exponentially improved with the proven use of great design. The most shocking part is that EM Properties thought it was appropriate to entrust the design to an in-house corporate architect from Marriott for such a high profile project that is so important to downtown. Is it any surprise then that this edifice resembles a corporate highway motel of the most common kind? Even its fundamental urban elements are flimsy, dubious and irrationally executed. This design is tragically myopic. What a sad state of affairs.

EM Properties please, for the benefit of everyone, return to the drawing board. If your taste is lacking, hire someone who has it and knows what it looks like. May I suggest someone who understands how to use glass, modern materials and modern form that will complement the Pere through contrast, not pander to it especially in such a particularly unflattering and unconvincing manner. Peoria deserves better. You can do better. There's still time. Please don't let yourself be remembered for a handful of throwaway chain restaurants and a dreadfully ugly and offensively passe hotel mid-rise and parking garage where there should be a structure Peoria can be proud of and thankful to you for building.